'Tainted' Trump's 'Favorite' Business Just SANK Over 'Toxic' Trump Brand, 'Divisive' Politics

‘Tainted’ Trump’s ‘Favorite’ Business Just SANK Over ‘Toxic’ Trump Brand, ‘Divisive’ Politics

Trump Closes The Doors On Yet Another Failed Business

Yet another Trump business is going down the drain and is about to have the plug officially pulled. And it’s all due to the President’s divisive politics, which made made his brand “toxic.”

And this particular business has been one of Donald’s own favorites.

According to a leaked email obtained by Mother Jones, the New York modeling firm, Trump Model Management, will join Trump’s steaks, his “university,” his airline, and his brief magazine venture, on the long list of the president’s business failures.

MJ reports:

“Over the weekend, Corinne Nicolas, president of Trump Models, informed industry colleagues of the pending closure of the 18-year-old agency, in which Trump owns an 85 percent stake (according to his most recent financial disclosure). ‘The Trump Organization is choosing to exit the modeling industry,’ Nicolas wrote in the email. ‘On the heels of the recent sale of the Miss Universe Organization, the company is choosing to focus on their core businesses in the real estate, golf and hospitality space.’ (The Trump Organization sold the Miss Universe Organization, which also runs the Miss USA beauty pageant, to the talent agency WME-IMG about 18 months ago, following a controversy over then-candidate Trump’s remarks about Mexican immigrants.)”

Despite Nicolas’s effort to put a positive spin on the confirmed closure of the modelling firm, industry insiders say the modelling agency has been in a tailspin for awhile, and attribute it to the president’s “toxic” politics…and the controversial president himself. The “once glamorous brand now appears to be tainted,” two model bookers and a third source with ties to the agency told Mother Jones.

Trump Models Have Been Bailing For Awhile

Since the campaign, models have been jumping ship, refusing to be associated with the now-toxic brand. And models refuse to let their bookers schedule meetings with president’s own agents in New York. Brandon Hall, creative director of Sutherland Models, explained that models are “reluctant to sign” with the once-successful agency. He added:

“It’s just sort of what has transpired because of the election and what has arisen from that. I’m sure he’s gained in some ways and is suffering in others. And I think in the entertainment industry and the fashion industry, [among] actresses, models, he’s not well liked.”

One former model summed her own feelings up succinctly:

“As a woman, a mother, an American and a human being, I cannot wake up Wednesday morning being the least bit related to the Trump brand,” model Maggie Rizer said on the eve of the election.

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The modeling agency in 1999. It became one of the top modeling agencies in the country.

And now, it’s the first of the president’s business to succumb to the open toxicity of his dismal “leadership.”

Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

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