Exclusive Interview: Lawyer Speaks out about DNC Fraud Lawsuit (VIDEO)

Exclusive Interview: Lawyer Speaks out about DNC Fraud Lawsuit (VIDEO)

In journalism, it’s important not to blur the lines between op-ed and objective reporting. Especially when you are known as both a columnist and a reporter. The lines between reporting and commentating have become blurred as more receive their news from online sources. It’s important, however, for individual writers to make a distinction within their article.

Bob McGovern of the Boston Herald recently commented on the ongoing CAROL WILDING et al. v. DNC SERVICES CORPORATION, d/b/a DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE and DEBORAH “DEBBIE” WASSERMANSCHULTZ – known as the DNC Fraud Lawsuit on social media. McGovern made the following statement, without providing reasoning or rational to his readers:

Bernie backers who are suing the DNC for propping up Hillary Clinton over the Vermont U.S. senator have little chance of winning their long-shot legal battle — but they’ve hit gold in the court of public opinion.

The disgruntled group of Bernie Sanders supporters and Democratic donors say the Democratic National Committee defrauded them by unfairly boosting Clinton to clear the way for her primary victory. They’ve filed their complaint in Florida, asking a judge to declare it a class-action suit.

It’s an interesting claim, but courts try not to wade too deep into so-called political questions — murky areas that judges stay away from unless there is a pressing legal controversy.

McGovern would not clarify his statements, but would comment on how he felt the Democratic National Committee has a winning argument:

Attorneys for the peeved plaintiffs counter that the DNC violated its obligation to remain “impartial” and “neutral” when selecting a candidate. They say this duty was laid out by the DNC itself in its own set of bylaws.

But Spiva argued that the bylaw is “a discretionary rule that it didn’t need to adopt to begin with” and that a judge can’t tell the DNC how to read its own rules behind closed doors.

It’s a winning argument, but compared with the impassioned plea made by the opposition, the DNC comes off looking like the bad guy.

With mainstream outlets not currently reporting on the case, it’s alarming that McGovern’s dismissive attitude is some of the first commentary offered on the important case. McGovern deciding to opine could mislead readers as his history in the legal profession could cause others to dismiss the case without reviewing transcripts with an open mind.

Interview With Elizabeth Lee Beck

Elizabeth Lee Beck is one of the several lawyers who represent the plaintiffs in the case. In an exclusive interview, she spoke candidly about the case, detailed why the case is similar to other cases of fraud, responds to the Boston Herald article, explains why she feels the case should not be seen as a partisan issue, and details why she feels this case is important for democracy in the United States.

[brid video=”139516″ player=”5260″ title=”Interview With DNC Fraud Lawsuit Lawyer Elizabeth Beck”]

To view the court documents filed during the case Click Here
To view the full transcripts of the 4/25/17 hearing Click Here

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