Disgraced GOP Preacher Politician Kills Self - Sticks Taxpayers With Massive Debt

Disgraced GOP Preacher Politician Kills Self – Sticks Taxpayers With Massive Debt

Late Republican Rep Dan Johnson Was Even More Terrible Than We First Thought

Back in December of last year, an explosive story from the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting (KCIR) exposed the lies and deceit of then-Republican state Representative and pastor Dan Johnson. The report was soon followed by the not-so-holy man taking his own life.

Now, a new report from KCIR has exposed even more nefarious activities by Johnson with an infuriating reality: taxpayers might be on the hook for a significantly large unpaid bill. And it even appears Johnson initially got the loan through highly questionable means.

KCIR’s first report told the many wild claims of Johnson, including raising the dead and being involved in relief efforts at both the Los Angeles riots in 1992 and after the 9/11 attacks. No one could corroborate these claims.

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Most damning, Johnson was also accused of sexual assault by a woman who was 17-years-old at the time and a member of his congregation.

But one aspect of Johnson’s sordid history may come back to haunt taxpayers. In the 1980s, he admitted to police to having his car torched because he was going broke. More than a decade later, his church coincidentally burned down as it was going bankrupt and a witness placed someone fitting Johnson’s description at the scene. No charges were ever filed. He blamed the Ku Klux Klan.

Which brings us to the new report. Bill Clinton implemented a loan guarantee for synagogues and predominantly African-American churches that had been burned down or bombed in the 1990s. Johnson obtained one of the largest loans at $1.5 million, despite a mostly white congregation (and the fact he possibly burned his own building down).

KCIR noted what he rebuilt with that loan:

The fellowship hall it built with that federally guaranteed loan would be adorned with Confederate flags. And the pastor periodically would engage in racist, anti-Muslim, anti-government rants – the antithesis of what Clinton seemed to have in mind.

Dan Johnson would later make waves by posting racist photos of the Obamas with monkey-like features. Months after this was exposed, he would be elected to the Kentucky state house.

As for the property, the unpaid bill now exceeds $2 million. And as KCIR points out, selling it would not come close to covering the cost and taxpayers could be left essentially eating the federal loan.

The nearly six acres of church property are assessed at about $634,000, according to Jefferson County property valuation administrator records. If a sale generated less money than the church owes, it’s unclear whether HUD would attempt to collect the balance or whether taxpayers might be stuck with it.

Johnson was aware of the financial problems prior to his death. The Department of Housing and Urban Development had “sought to foreclose on the property since February 2016”. Procedural delays are the only thing that stood in the way of an auction of the property.

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In short, Republican pastor Dan Johnson appears to have burned down his own predominantly white church, received a loan intended for the victims of hate crimes, and never paid it back leaving taxpayers on the hook after killing himself, once his disgusting history was brought to light.

And that’s only a portion of his awfulness…

Featured image via Dan Johnson Facebook page.

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