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Alan hails from the great state of Texas by way of Florida and New York. He began his news/OpEd writing career serving as the Community Editor of the Times-Record News in Wichita Falls, Texas while completing his Political Science/Spanish degrees. He later took his talents to a handful of online outlets where his writing focus was on Science, Health, and Technology. Addressing Politics, Foreign Policy, and Social Justice returns Alan to where his passions lie. Proud to be part of the inaugural team for Reverb Press, Alan looks forward to any and all feedback that results from his articles and features.

Gun Law Fight Shows Texas GOP Might Not Be So Crazy After All

January 29, 2015

Wild. Untamed. Fiercely Independent. These are just some of the descriptors for the state of Texas and its citizens. There…

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Florida Traveler Drowns Puppy

January 28, 2015

Traveling just gets harder and harder. You have to purchase trial sized toothpaste, shampoo, hair gel, mouthwash, and conditioner. Then…

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Mormons to Gays: We Got Your Back

January 27, 2015

  Before Pope Frank took a misstep in siding with the Charlie Hebdo murderers, he set the Catholic Church on…

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Do You Deserve Community High Speed Internet? Obama Thinks So!

January 17, 2015

  The nation is gearing up for this year’s State of the Union address by President Obama on Tuesday, January…

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Republican Kansas Governor: Pensioners Are Freeloaders

December 17, 2014

In an excellent documentary by Joe Winston and Laura Cohen, the question “What’s The Matter With Kansas?” (based on the…

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Rookie Cop Goes All UFC On Elderly Texan (VIDEO)

December 15, 2014

WARNING: VIDEO FOOTAGE IS DISTURBING Victoria, Texas is the backdrop for this week’s latest installment of “Unnecessary Police Brutality”, and…

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And Then There Were Five

December 15, 2014

A startling ecological alarm was sounded when the world learned Angalifu, a northern white rhino at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari…

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Why Conflating Torture With Drone Strikes Is Just Plain Wrong

December 14, 2014

With the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on interrogation tactics of terror suspects in December, a discussion has begun…

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Assassin’s Creed? Is Huge Rock Star Planning To Assassinate President Obama?

December 12, 2014

The strange news you may have seen regarding Creed frontman, Scott Stapp, some weeks ago is just getting weirder. Stapp…

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Unconscionable, Unconstitutional, Illegal, and Barbaric

December 10, 2014

Executive Director of the ACLU, Anthony D. Romero, penned an Op-Ed in the New York Times ahead of the release…

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